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Unique Spin on your holiday party !

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

It’s your job to book the activities at the annual company party…let’s see we get a DJ every year, some food, and a gift swap. “It’s so boring doing the
same thing every year!” “And not everyone likes to dance”…what to do?

Transform the start of your company party with a roaming magician. Everyone loves magic, roaming allows guests to participate as long or as short as they
like with the magician. It’s a different and fun spin on sitting around for the food to be served, it’s interactive, and who doesn’t like to feel the wonder we all felt like when we were kids:)

When you add something unique and different like a Strolling magician…it’s a great brain teaser, ice-breaker, and connects individuals so they can
come together and celebrate the moment of fun your company has provided.

Some company parties are simply 2 or more hours of cocktail/social hours…like many holiday parties that I perform at they have 100 or more co-workers
and guests and want to provide an interactive experience. A strolling/roaming magician is the catalyst to igniting the festivities and takes it from the usual boring same old same old and transforms the holiday party!

To transform your 2013 holiday party…call Abracadabra Productions 1-800-964-8749.

Holiday Parties- are they a thing of the past?

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Are Holiday Parties becoming extinct like dinosaurs? Not at all, many companies still recognize that it’s a great way to thank all the employees in a fun
upbeat work related atmosphere. Owners and CEO’s look back over the entire year and invest back into their employees by adding a party as a morale booster. And if you hadn’t thought of it…it’s a tax write off too:)

An office party on location or off site at a banquet/restaurant facility allows co-workers to let down their hair and relax, unwind, and enjoy food, fun,
and entertainment! Some companies try to get gifts for all their employees, while others might hire professional entertainment (DJ’s, carolers, and magicians) to liven up the festivities! No matter how you celebrate your holidays, thank your employees and co-workers with a party.

For more ideas on how to kick start your holiday office parties go to

The Holiday Gift – for companies!

Monday, October 1st, 2012

The holidays are fast approaching..can you believe it’s Oct. 1st:) Companies are starting to look at their party schedules and are making
plans for employee gifts. Those gifts can sometimes be fun gift cards for gas, your favorite coffee stores, to large flat screen TV’s or IPADs.

If everyone gets a gift that’s cool, but only 1 person receives a larger gift like an IPAD. However, when a company is looking at budgets for
Christmas and Holiday party gifts…an entertainer is a gift that everyone from the custodian to the CEO gets to enjoy the experience and memories!

How do you choose an entertainer? If time and travel distance permits have the entertainer(s) come in for a brief demo. At the very least make sure they have
videos of themselves entertaining an audience! Videos of themselves w/no audience doesn’t really show you how they communicate and interact with a corporate audience. Choose wisely…or maybe you need a little magic to help you decide:)
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Holiday Parties- creative ideas

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Holiday Parties are a terrific way to thank co-workers and clients for their hard work and business throughout the year. 

How do you make it more than just another party?
Food, Location, and entertainment are the main ingredients.   If you are having food is it a focus?  Casual or elegant and gourmet?  Maybe having many different appetitizers is one creative way to go.  Having the catererer offer some sample menus; maybe steak, chicken, and fish are offered but to jazz it up different dipping sauces are whipped up.

Location, location, location…a glamorous banquet facility, or creative spin like a museum (antique cars, science, etc…)  The banquet location can be decorated to a theme (Hawiian, winter, etc)

Last, and maybe most important entertainment that is memorable. Music will it be background or dancing? What about a creative opening to your cocktail social hours by having a magician roam/stroll and mingle with your employees and clients?! Or a fun after dinner performance of magic and comedy?!

Whatever you do make it memorable!